Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spirit take me

Spirit always speaks through everything; a person, a rock, a lost prayer, and the food that I eat. I feel my life opening up and enveloping me in a new world. All I want is this moment, this breath, this sun falling below the earth. I am holding on and letting go all at the same time. My beloved speaks to me of how sacred I am. My voice is loud and clear and all I can do is follow love.

I let go of hate, of pushing, of aggression. I am a better person. A person who is free within my limitations. I am free and chained at the same time. I am alone and found at this moment that is always constantly actualizing my nature which has no realization, no future, and no potentiality.

A crow sits in a tree, at the very top, this was a moment ago, but my memory holds on.

He has been brought to me, so I can transform into whatever is coming. I am free because I no longer hold onto expectations. I am free because my chains no longer cloud my mind or hold me tight. I am free because I am no longer.

A butterfly came to me, so many showed their souls to me. I stand before you and need no explanation, no salvation, only acceptance.

You are my savior, you are my love, you are my soul. And I am free.

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