Monday, January 17, 2011

I find myself in a fig

I laugh at the title, but think why not write about this inner world that seems to throw me around, tosses me in an unknown universe of my inner figness.

I was writing earlier today about love and how when something we judge as bad happens and we think (to much thinking) how horrible this is. How could this happen to me. Then I felt something as I looked at my half eaten fig. Inside this amazing piece of fruit, is a universe unto itself, complete, whole, and just being what it does best, being a fig. Does this fig sit there looking up at me as I take a bite, saying, How horrible it is that I'm going to die from my original form, how bad this event is, or poor me!!!! This fig stared up at me, even in its half eaten form it still looked beautiful, it was still a fig, but perhaps this fig was going to be transformed into something completely different.

So I thought, well, when people leave our lives or events happen that may seem unfair, I feel that it is now just a different form that this universe wants us to take on. This universe wants us to grow, be eaten away into something much more beautiful, more loving, more of who we are meant to be.

Perhaps we hold on to tightly to who we think we are. Perhaps if we allow each person or event to teach us to go more deeply into love than into hate, perhaps then we can transform ourselves into a new beautiful form.

Allow yourself to become the love that you want to see in the world. Allow life to take you deeper into love.

I'm now going back to eat the rest of my figs.

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