Sunday, February 27, 2011

Almost Human

This is an old painting made into a new image. I learned that when painting abstract it is a helpful idea to move the image around from horizontal to vertical as sometimes the energy of the work wants to be expressed another way. A friend and I both agreed that this painting communicated its truth when displayed vertically.

acrylic on canvas
24 inches x 46 inches

Sunrise - Sold

oil on canvas
18 inches x 36 inches


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Disclosure - Sold

I was thinking about the notion of disclosure, disclosing to oneself, to another. When our wound, our vulnerability opens to the world it can feel like everything is falling apart. This painting visualizes the break pointing where our truth needs to have air to breath, where we can voice our pain, be honest with ourselves and remove the shame we have about every feeling we have judged as wrong or bad. When we can truly express all our feelings then the colors of life become deeper, richer, and more vibrant. Now we can create from a truthful place that brings our gifts to the light.

oil on canvas
36 inches x 36 inches

Suzanne Bean at Xchanges Gallery

This is a video from a show I had last year at Xchanges Gallery. I have finally figured out how to post from Youtube. Yes, I can be a bit slow :D

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine Message

Today is a day to love who you are and follow your heart.
When we can listen within and love every part of ourselves then it ripples out into the world.

Even if your alone on Valentine's Day do something wonderful for yourself and
know that you will attract the right person who will love all of you, all the light and dark.

I do believe that each person is a mirror that will give us clues to how we love. My last relationship gave me a gift. The gift was very painful as he lied to me and then turned my love and kindness back in hate and anger, but I was strong and walked away.

This experience was a gift as he was a mirror for me to see where love was missing in my life. I had to look at where I had lied to myself, where I still hated parts of myself that I felt ashamed of. I decided to love all of me. I took my pain and turned it into love. I now love all that I witness within.

I know that when I'm ready the perfect person for me will enter my life. My heart is open to love.

My wish today is that you all love yourself unconditionally and take the time to look within and love every part of who you are. You are all magnificant people who deserve love.

In loving thoughts,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Boxed in - Sold

The wounded feminine lives in both women and men. The inner place where we've shut ourselves off, where we live without a voice, where we haven't spoken up.

When we box ourselves into a certain way of being we will attract people to show us what we haven't owned within. We will attract people who display parts of themselves that we're not comfortable with such as anger, control, criticism just to name a few.

When we never speak up or defend ourselves we shut ourselves off from our authentic voice, a voice that knows how we feel at any given moment.

Honor your voice through creativity, whatever you choose, writing, art, dance. We must create an "Inner Revolution" that says, Its not okay to treat us badly, to abuse us, to throw us away. We need to take a stand, speak up, and make ourselves count.

Create something today to give yourself permission to be heard, to live, to be a part of this world.

Oil on canvas
36 inches x 36 inches


Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Wounded Feminine - Sold

The wounded feminine, who has ignored feelings and now in the dark screams of the pain that has been buried so deep within. It is time to release, to embrace, to embark on a journey of reclaiming all that has been forgotten.

Oil on canvas
36 inches x 48 inches