Monday, February 7, 2011

Boxed in - Sold

The wounded feminine lives in both women and men. The inner place where we've shut ourselves off, where we live without a voice, where we haven't spoken up.

When we box ourselves into a certain way of being we will attract people to show us what we haven't owned within. We will attract people who display parts of themselves that we're not comfortable with such as anger, control, criticism just to name a few.

When we never speak up or defend ourselves we shut ourselves off from our authentic voice, a voice that knows how we feel at any given moment.

Honor your voice through creativity, whatever you choose, writing, art, dance. We must create an "Inner Revolution" that says, Its not okay to treat us badly, to abuse us, to throw us away. We need to take a stand, speak up, and make ourselves count.

Create something today to give yourself permission to be heard, to live, to be a part of this world.

Oil on canvas
36 inches x 36 inches


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