Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine Message

Today is a day to love who you are and follow your heart.
When we can listen within and love every part of ourselves then it ripples out into the world.

Even if your alone on Valentine's Day do something wonderful for yourself and
know that you will attract the right person who will love all of you, all the light and dark.

I do believe that each person is a mirror that will give us clues to how we love. My last relationship gave me a gift. The gift was very painful as he lied to me and then turned my love and kindness back in hate and anger, but I was strong and walked away.

This experience was a gift as he was a mirror for me to see where love was missing in my life. I had to look at where I had lied to myself, where I still hated parts of myself that I felt ashamed of. I decided to love all of me. I took my pain and turned it into love. I now love all that I witness within.

I know that when I'm ready the perfect person for me will enter my life. My heart is open to love.

My wish today is that you all love yourself unconditionally and take the time to look within and love every part of who you are. You are all magnificant people who deserve love.

In loving thoughts,

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