Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spacial Tension

This piece was submitted to a show in Italy.  If it is excepted I will add further details about the show.

pizza box, rosary beads
14 inches x 14 inches

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inner Revolution

I created this painting about 4 years ago.  It was a breakthrough in how I saw myself and the world around me.  My unique voice started to shine through, even though I felt embarrassed to let my truth out.  I'm posting this work to show the truth, the wound, the pain that has come about after ignoring my feelings for so many years.  I celebrate everyone who has the courage to speak their truth, show their real feelings, and give themselves a voice.

Self Portrait
mixed media, acrylic on canvas
16 inches x 20 inches

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inner Revolution

An inner revolution needs to happen for each and every one to help the world.  Our wounds mirror the pain going on in the world, but if we're brave to look within then each one of us can heal our environment.  It can only start with us.  Be honest, be brave, be who you are.  Do something today that is healing, that is honest, and that is love.

oil on canvas
16 in x 20 in

Sunday, March 13, 2011

When color dances through me

I've just started bringing dance into my life, so I wanted to celebrate this new passion through this painting. I have always loved to dance and am now allowing the movement to inspire me to create from a deeper place within. I don't know where dance is leading, but I feel so many creative sparks lighting the night sky with my movement.

oil on canvas
16 inches x 20 inches

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tea with a friend

We drink tea,
our voices talk over each other,
in familiar banter.

I laugh at the similar ways we know,
without knowing,
our sorrow and pain,
has a ring only two friends can hear.

The tea becomes bitter,
the sweets become sweeter.

We laugh at our insecurities,
fashion covers our truth,
but we don't care,
as we find common ground,
stay individual,
develop an intimacy,
that is not hidden behind masks.

Our friendship is spoken,
through words,
through senses,
through spirit.

We are transformed through the simplest of gestures,
we drink tea and find ourselves.