Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

I wanted to thank Petro from The Seaman Mom blog, who nominated me for one this these awards.  Very cool!!!  It took me a few days to respond as I just realized what I needed to do when receiving this award. I have been deeply touched by all the people who have visited and have written such beautiful words that are uplifting and encouraging.  I am so grateful and thankful for such wonderful new people entering my life.

I would like to pass this award onto ten blogs that are a real joy to visit and give such a unique voice to each site:

1/ Sweet Melody 87 -  I enjoy her continued words of love and encouragement and her creative photos, one of which is at the top of my blog.

2/ Amoridoce - she is a sweet person with the loveliest blog full of delicious recipes and beautiful photos.

3/ Hattatt - I have just found their blog and love photos of art and history.  Love it!!!

4/ Letters from Launna -  her honest words inspire me with each visit.

5/ Nancy Pirris Sculpture - Nancy is an amazing artist and supportive and uplifting person.

6/ Some Might Sayy - I enjoy her blog because of the depth of insight and honest content.

7/ The Amazing Moment - beautiful photos of amazing moments.

8/ Why I Wake up Every Day - Unikorna has a beautiful and funny way of speaking about the simple things in life, while bringing a bigger picture into what is happening.  Wonderful!!!

9/ Olive Tree - I have just recently started following Abdul's blog and have found images of Libya and history content very interested and thought provoking.

10/ Arbol Serpentina - Alex is an amazing artist who creates these really funky lamps that are so original.  A must see!!!


1/ I love doing a heart meditation every morning.
2/ I have to floss my teeth after every meal, don't enjoy food between my pearly whites.
3/ I love love love to walk, anywhere and everywhere.
4/ I love date bars, before it was chocolate covered almonds.
5/ I enjoy reading anything about the Law of Attraction.
6/ I cut my own hair.
7/ I love the color orange.

4 things to remember after receiving your award:

1/ Thank the person who has nominated you - check
2/ Pass on the award to 10-15 bloggers - check
3/ State 7 random facts about yourself - check
4/ Post the award pic on your wall - check

Saturday, April 7, 2012


The Many Hues of White #7
acrylic and oil on canvas

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Drawing

pencil on paper
11" x 14"