Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dreaming inside clouds

As summer is coming to the end, I can feel the tug of fall pulling at my heals.  I feel a pillowy softness that beckons me into a more internal life.  These images were taken while I sat in the park, looking at the trees, the insects, and the sky.  I do love how the clouds speak after the wind has given them a different shape.  Let the wind of fall begin the descent into ourselves, allowing our souls to mingle in the joy of being alive.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh la la

In celebration to my trip to Paris in the spring of 2013!!!!

I love making these hats!!!  Now the next step is to wear it out!!!  Oh la la!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

To celebrate children both young and old

A personal intention in my life to see with child like eyes where everyday is fresh and new and full of adventure.  I remember as a child I loved to draw and create many different things.  I was able to bring this into my adult life, which I feel much gratitude.

My Mom just found these two drawings I did as a child.  My Grandmother was an artist who did pastel drawings of horses and dogs.  She also lived on a farm, so these drawings have a strong connection for me to my past.

In celebration to all children both young and old!!!  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Keep speaking your truth

I was reflecting on how important it is to keep with who we truly are.  In this world that seems to be run by many who just follow the other, without thought about what is it they truly want to say.  I have decided that it is my passion to always be who I am no matter what others think.  My belief has brought wonderful people into my life, but I have also be rejected by others both in family and friends.  I've had to walk a path alone, but have found a deep love for life.  I regret nothing and feel that by speaking my truth I honor others for being who they are.

I wanted to introduce a Victoria artist, Emily Carr.  She was  a woman back in the early 20th century who chose to create her own voice in paintings, drawings, and books.  There is a story of Emily and a friend talking about their paintings.  Her friend is also an artist, selling proper paintings during this time and Emily is creating her paintings of trees and native symbolism.  What is different about Emily is that she speaks about the spirit of the land, which brings her unique voice into the world.   Unfortunately, Emily's work was not selling and her friends was making a profit.  Her friend said, why don't you stop painting those trees!!!  Emily knew she couldn't stop as her inner voice was to strong to discontinue what was her truth.  Of course, many artists during that period were very poor and so was Emily, but she stayed with her work. Near the end of her life, she began to sell her work and became very well known all over the world.  Now her work reaches up to 1 million dollars.  She believed completely in herself and didn't falter to others points of view.  I'm always inspired by women who have allowed themselves to rise above group ideals.

This is only one of many tree paintings that Emily created from the British Columbia coast line.  I love the movement and color of this piece.

 To all who speak from their heart, know who they are, and go forth into a world where the mass majority of people don't have an individual thought!!!  I celebrate you all!!!!