Friday, December 7, 2012

Between Concrete and Earth

I'm happy to share that my first print of books is almost sold out.   With all the support from my community, I feel very grateful that people have loved reading my book.  I want to share one of my poems.  This piece was written during a time when I was really starting to see how my mind was destroying very important things in my life.  I found myself consciously aware of how I was creating the chaos in my world.

Monkey in the House

You take me away,
into a horror that no longer knocks at my door.

Distant voices ignore the sun filled fields,
only to witness a thousand soldiers laying in an ocean of blood.

I could dance in starlight,
open myself up to your breath,
but I'm called to the dungeon to eat my meals.

Can I release this battle?
Can I be filled with freedom?

Or do I keep digging where life is buried in concrete,
where my fingers lay in the blood from past memories.

You can contact me via email to purchase "Between Concrete and Earth"

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  1. These words are amazing and so profound... we all need to live in the present, if we truly want to be happy:)

    1. Thank you Launna!!! Yes, being present is all there is, but something that runs away so often. Sending sweet happiness to you!!!

  2. Dear follower friend iam hear to say thanks for all support…ur support my success…Keep writing & reading…waiting to hear more…good luck…GOD<3U

    1. Your welcome!!! I also appreciate your kind message. Many blessings to you!!!

  3. Olá amiga, sucesso e um feliz natal

    1. Hello:
      Thank you for your lovely message. A Merry Christmas to you too!! :)