Sunday, December 30, 2012


We all have these thoughts that cause suffering, but if we could only sit behide these thoughts and really witness the drama we have created.  This simple act would release us, so that we can become who we really are.

I sold this painting about 4 years ago, but it still lingers in the silence of my soul.

I sit watching,
only watching,
not judging,
just watching.

Then like the ocean caressing the shore,
my thoughts slip back into consciousness.
I truly let go.

acrylic on canvas
24" x 24"

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Helping One another

Christmas is just on the horizon!  I work in retail, so the store is busy with people buying for friends and family.  While this season can be fun or stressful for some, other people are dealing with events that are hard for most of us to imagine.  I was at work today and met Emma's Mom who has travelled to Victoria to look for her missing daughter.  Emma has now been gone for 25 days.  I wanted to post this picture for all you that live in Victoria or around this area.  I would love it if everyone that visits this site could send a prayer for Emma for her safe return.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

When the past exhales

A co-worker has recently left for India and I saw some of her pictures that bought memories flooding back like it was yesterday.  I visited India 2 years ago, a time that changed me on so many levels.  I could feel my memories of happiness, but also of a time where my heart shattered into pieces.  I felt a loss, an emptiness that has never really healed.   My life is so wonderful on so many levels, but still I feel the dust of India floating through my veins.

I sit in silence,
watching myself,
knowing that my perceptions,
are mine to own.

I now go deeper within,
sitting quietly,
allowing the tears to fall,
and seeing the sun rise in the horizon. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Counting down the days to Christmas

I have never really got to excited about Christmas as an adult, but for some reason I love it this year.  I've opened 13 days of my chocolate advent calendar and yes, I have also eaten all the chocolates.

 I love taking walks around the neighbor at night looking at people's lights.  I try not to stare right in their window for this may look a little like peeping into their personal space, but so far no one has run out after me.  I try not to wear my black hoodie when out at night.  I really don't need any attention from the police.  

I haven't yet got my picture taken with santa, but this is my photo from last year.  Isn't he the cutest!!!

So far, this season has been the best.  I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!!!!!

Many blessings,

Friday, December 7, 2012

Between Concrete and Earth

I'm happy to share that my first print of books is almost sold out.   With all the support from my community, I feel very grateful that people have loved reading my book.  I want to share one of my poems.  This piece was written during a time when I was really starting to see how my mind was destroying very important things in my life.  I found myself consciously aware of how I was creating the chaos in my world.

Monkey in the House

You take me away,
into a horror that no longer knocks at my door.

Distant voices ignore the sun filled fields,
only to witness a thousand soldiers laying in an ocean of blood.

I could dance in starlight,
open myself up to your breath,
but I'm called to the dungeon to eat my meals.

Can I release this battle?
Can I be filled with freedom?

Or do I keep digging where life is buried in concrete,
where my fingers lay in the blood from past memories.

You can contact me via email to purchase "Between Concrete and Earth"

Cost: $15.00 + shipping

Monday, December 3, 2012

Harmony in Red

I love art history and love to look at old works and create a different version of a famous piece.  My painting below is an abstraction from "Harmony in Red" by Matisse.  While looking at each painting, see the similarities with both objects and composition.  Enjoy!!!

Above:  Harmony in Red
              by Matisse

Harmony in Red
acrylic with mixed media on canvas
16" x 20"