Thursday, January 24, 2013

Frank Auerbach

I was on Pinterest the other day and found Frank Auerbach's paintings.  I've seen his work before, but on this particular day I just feel in love.  His work speaks to my soul, a connection that is quiet, but brings about amazing inspiration.

I love the brush strokes, and how each mark brings together such an intensity of feelings.  Without words he creates such a powerful message.

I'm working on a new painting, but taking my time with it, so I thought to add another artists work for your enjoyment.



  1. This brush strokes in this painting seem to be sad, tortured... a bit lonely... it is always good when something stops to make you ponder:)

    1. I love his work for this reason!!! It is so truthful, raw, and beautiful. Thanks Launna for your comment!!! :)

  2. Hey Suzanne,

    And doth, good lady, the message you perceive from his painting, resonates in your heart and soul.

    Actually, the painting looks rather like I did a couple of hours ago. Good grief, I was covered in snow!

    Much fulfilment with your latest painting, Suzanne.

    Have a good weekend, eh. Sorry, couldn't resist! :)


    1. You are the snow man, aren't ya!!!! I saw those pictures on FB, covered in snow. OPPPSS!!! I believe that was Penny!!! tee hee
      And Yes, art is my food for my soul!!! YUMMY!!
      Thanks for the dropping by and giving me all your special words!!!
      You also enjoy this fabulous weekend!!