Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Commissioned Portrait.....

oil on canvas
16" x 20"


  1. This is so cute Suzanne... I can't get over your talent...

    I am going to gather up the two pictures I want done of me and my David together.. I am hoping to get the money together my my birthday in July... it's my big 50th and I want this picture of him and I done by then... I will let you know...

    Let me know if that is enough time and if you have the time. I understand if you have pressing items... I can wait until it is good for you:)

    1. Hi Launna:
      For a drawing, it will only take about 1 week. I like to sit with the image for awhile, so I can see all the details. You can send the pictures to me by email as long there is good detail. Send the images to me and I can decide if there is enough clarity. If not, then perhaps enlarging the pictures with a photocopy then mailing them to me. I can give you my address at the time. Also, you can forward your payment to me via paypal if this is more convenient than by mail. Mailing the portrait will be cheap and fast, usually around 10.00 with about a 3 business day turn around. I about 2 weeks for drawing and mailing. I look forward to seeing the photo.
      And Happy 50th Birthday!!!! AWESOME!!!

    2. Awesome Suzanne... I will send the pictures by the end of this month... and the money takes about 8-9 days to be put into my pay pal account... Once the money is on it's way to you I will let you know :)

    3. Great Launna!!! I look forward to seeing the picture and drawing a wonderful portrait for you and David!!