Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween is just around the corner

I haven't been creating a lot of artwork lately, so many other projects on the go.  I did have time to do a quick sketch that I'll be using to do a window painting for Halloween.  This year I'm going to participate and let my inner child celebrate this wonderful time of year.

colored pencil on paper
8.5" x 11"


  1. The pumpkins are so cute Suzanne...

    I know what you mean about time, I so want to write... but I am so busy with exercising and than I had that emotional day that took everything out of me where I was unable to sleep for 2 and a half weeks... I finally slept a little last night... Now to get some more... maybe then I can gain some perspective... Draw when you can, you are always so intriguing and creative girl :)

  2. Hello Suzanne. Pleased to meet you. Gary sent me over to say hello. I love your artwork. As Launna above says, time is an enemy for us all, especially creative people who have so many projects on the go.

    1. Hello Denise: Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by!!! I always appreciate Gary's support!!! Yes, all those projects, now to narrow it all into my focused goal. :)
      Kind regards,