Monday, May 26, 2014

New Painting..... Twin Flames

acrylic on canvas
10" x 12"


  1. Hi Suzanne,

    Yes, I've been rather absent from your marvellous, artistic site. Please forgive me :)

    A warmth within your acrylic painting. Twin flames of hope, of love, perhaps.

    I hope you had a lovely weekend, my good friend, eh!

    Gary :)

    1. Hi Gary: Always wonderful to hear from you. I like that you see hope and love in this paintings.
      Have a wonderful week!!!
      Hugs, Suzanne

  2. This is an interesting piece Suzanne, I like the name... good choice :)

    On another note, I hope your are okay, I have seen your Facebook updates... I have been in a rather deep pit ... but I have been very worried about you. I am sending out good vibes and prayers for you :)

    1. Thanks Launna!!! I hope you're doing okay!! I appreciate your supportive words. It has been a time of deep soul growth, which hasn't been comfortable on a physical level. Like I said on Facebook, I'm on the way to healing over the next couple of months. For someone like myself, who is always working it has been a big eye opener about caring for myself on a deeper level. Sending you healing energy and wish only a wonderful life for you. Hugs!!!