Thursday, May 7, 2015

Experimenting with Paint....... Revealing White

Painting is about experimenting, but as much as it can be fun I also find it frustrating.  Letting the idea come forth, while your mind is still holding onto a preconceived perception can be awkward and unnerving especially when it turns into a mess.  What I love is when the so called mess begins to take shape, but it does require a lot of trust and humility especially if you like to be in control of your painting.

Here is my next painting that you may or may not connect with. I'm bringing forth a new voice that is foreign and unknown, a voice that calls for new life.

acylic/oil on canvas
9" x 12"


  1. Suzanne, definitely interesting with lots of depth with the colors and layers you used.

    It's hard to trust the process but it usually knows best ♡ xox