Suzanne Bean
Curriculum Vitae
May 2013 - Nicole Sleeth Fine Arts, Realist Drawing, Vancouver, B.C.
April 2009 - BFA in Visual Arts with Honors and Distinction, University of Victoria
September 2006 - Victoria College of Art - Drawing, Painting, and Design
Awards and Grants:
December 2008 The John Dobereiner Memorial Bursary
September 2008 Presidents Award Scholarship
December 2006 Helen Pitt Award/Bursary
Group Exhibition:
Community Art Council of the Saanich Peninsula, Sidney, BC
February Greater Victoria Art Gallery, Victoria, BC
July 2015 Greater Victoria Art Gallery, Victoria, BC
November 2010 EGB Art Show, Victoria, BC
November 2009 (re)Gifted, Deluge Gallery, Victoria, BC
March 2009 Sustainability Project, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC
December 2009 Sell Out, Visual Arts Department, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC
November 2008 Pillar of the Community, Victoria Aids Foundation, Victoria, BC
June 2008 The Project, Victoria, BC
March 2008 Fifty Fifty Arts Collective Gallery,  Victoria, BC
February 2006 Canadian Arts Council Gallery, Victoria, BC
Solo Exhibition:
January 2010 XChanges Artist’s Gallery, Victoria, BC
Transitory by-products
January 2008 Fifty Fifty Arts Collective Gallery, Victoria, BC
Framed: Breaking beyond traditional boundaries in painting
May 2011 Dubaigne Fine Arts
New York City, NY
Nov. 2010 Keta Trading
Victoria, BC
June 2011 Marilyn Irving
January 2011 Rebecca Begwood
November 2010 Sandy and Wes Phelps
July 2009 Kristina Campbell
March 2009 Andrew MacKinnon
December 2008 Sara McIntosh
Radio Interviews and Publications:
April 1, 2009 CFUV 101.99 FM - University of Victoria Radio Station
Interviewed for “Declaring Space Grad Show
March 2009 This Side of West - Published by the University of Victoria
Honoring Undergraduates with the Fine Arts Department
Photographs of Sculpture and Drawing
*Chosen for front cover of publication*
November 24/08 CFUV 101.9 FM - Wild Orphans/Arts Community
Interviewed for show “ Pillar of the Community”
January 4/08     CBC - All Points West with Jennifer Chrumka
Interviewed for show “ Framed”
January 8/10     Exhibit V: Interview posted on Youtube
Suzanne Bean at Xchanges Gallery
Work Experience:
Sept 10/Dec. 10 Beginners Drawing Class - Island Blue Print
My duties included teaching and organizing classes for
students who are have never drawn.  

Sept 08/March 09 Work Study Program - Organizer for Life Drawing Session
My duties included scheduling models, collecting fees
from attending students and the public, creating advertising and 
promotion, and organizing accounting records for the Visual Arts
January 2008 The Symposium “ Assume Nothing”: New Social Practice
                                 I interviewed the following: 
Lisa Baldisero - Curator
Tania Muir - Assistant Curator
Robert Wise -  Artist, Victoria, BC
Jamie Drouin - Artist, Victoria, BC
Harrell Fletcher - Artist, San Fransico, CA
Haegue Yang - Artist, Korea/Germany
Mowey Baden - Artist, Victoria, BC

December 2008 University of Victoria Visual Arts/Fund Raiser
My duties included organizing art auction fund raiser within a
collaborative setting and communicating to the media for
advertising purposes.